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Welcome to the home page of  your site!  This Web site has been started for the Shrine Temple Public Relations Chairman and others that are interested in helping the Shrine and Shriners Hospital for Children. This web site is Not  part of the Shriners International Public Information Dept.

Some of you I have met at the PR workshops in Tampa, or an Imperial Session. Some of you I met at one of the WSA meeting in San Jose,Ca. , Phoenix, Az. , Livermore,Ca. or PNSA Medford,Or.

At each of these meetings people have ask me  where can I go to get information on something?  Well the Imperial PR Committee is working on that. One of the reasons we had Regional Directors is to help the temple chairmen, new or seasoned.  

I started ShrinePressRoom as  a place we can talk to each other?.   Many of us have  problems, that we  think  are unique  to us or our community or Temple ! well guess  what?  they may not be!  Send a question or ask for help.  The Forum is where you can start a discussion and get advice

We also have some How-to-do articles and plan to post more, tell us what you want!  The blog is a form for you to post  articles that you think can help all of us do to our job better.  Post your events on the calendar it might give someone an Idea for an event they haven't tired.  Post  pictures of your events in the photo gallery. Post a report on the Forum tell us how you event went good & bad, this information could help others  to make their event better.

Please check each of the headings & sub headings . Let me know what you would like to see posted. I will try to update information  weakly. Please also check my mistakes and let me know when you catch one.

If  you are a new PR Chairman or older PR chairman I hope that that we can help each other.  we can also ask the members of the Imperial PR committee to help us. 

All  of  you should visit Shriners Village, the web site for all Shriners to find information about what is happening within the Shrine Family and Hospitals.

Shriners Village is  where you can order materials(outlined below) , find the PR Speeches,  and other PR and Membership information.

This page is for you, I hope you will become part of it.

Louis Gross,   Public Relations Temple chairman


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